Industry leading CPD's

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Weber’s CPD seminars are aimed to inform and assist in the design and specification process and to highlight the design considerations and relevant codes of practice in British & EU Standards.

Our Tile Fixing CPD provides a structured approach to help ensure architectural and design clients are competent to specify these technical solutions and to provide knowledge and problem solving skills. CPD seminars can be provided on the various products and systems available to meet the required criteria of specific areas.

RIBA approved ‘Floor tiling onto calcium sulphate screeds CPD’

  • To inform and assist in the design and specification process
  • To highlight design considerations and relevant standard
  • To provide solutions and avoid problems
  • To gain an understanding of the key factors when specifying tiling works on anhydrite screeds
  • Identifying potential causes of problems and how to avoid them

The 30 minute CPD is presented by Saint-Gobain Weber’s specification team either on site or at the clients’ offices for individuals and small groups. The service is free and available on request.

Please contact Saint-Gobain Weber for further details and to make a booking.

Telephone: 0870 333 0070